Saturday, January 22, 2022

Pre Raphaelite with Gecko Galz


It is day up on the Gecko Galz Blog, and have I got a treat for you. This was month was very creative for me and informative,  I am working with Pre Raphaelite  images and wanted to brush up on that style and period. Very Interesting to say the least, Rebels at heart!!

I created two projects, one a clip board, stuffed with Pre Raphaelite gals and a collage. 

                            At that time in history, women were to be quite and mind themselves, I 
                           added a nod to that by slightly covering the mouth of the beautiful gal at
                           the top.

I love to use found items when crafting, case in point, I found the handing deco on a clearance table for

for 50 cents!! had the beads and all! Add embellishments , ink,  beads, stamped images and embossed images for what I think, is a pretty cool project!

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Mon Cherie with Arty Divas Mini Junk Journal and Shrine

 Hello !

I have never been to Paris, but I would love to go! Have you been to Paris?? Everything I see or read always has such a love attached to it!! 

I got my love affair on with Paris while creating the mini junk journal, making with the fabulous collection, Mon Cherie from, Lilli Rain Designs

Lilli Rain Designs is our fabulous sponsor this month over at Arty Diva Challenge Blog! Join us, and get your craft on, anything goes every month, prizes to be won!!

I created 2 projects, my first ever mini junk journal, and a simple, but fun shrine, using an upcycle thread spool.

                                              I used a die cut kit to cut my mini journal pages,

I embellished my pages, with bits and pieces from the Mon Cherie kit, stamped some pages. collaged pages, don't forget to add clips, and ribbons to your journal, adds so much interest!

The black shiny speckles happen to nail art polish, the brush in the bottle is thin and tapered for the just perfect size speckles, plus it is a little shiny, for a different texture. Try It!

These pages are embellished with an image from the kit, I left this page as except for a few speckles, the image is so beautiful , I didn't have the heart to add to it! The next page was covered in paper from the kit, and then Stamped with numbers and one handsome gentleman! 

I could not resist a little snark, to go with these 2 beauties, and I happen to have the flower and such in my box of goodies!

The last two pages here, the left was stamped and I added goodies from box. The very last page, was covered in paper from the Mon Cherie kit, embellished with with the clock and butterfly from the kit and few goodies I added.

I really enjoyed working the images from this beautiful kit! What will you create?

Coming up.... my second project I created with more pieces, yes, more pieces !! from the Mon Cherie kit!! I love upcycling items, that would other wise be tossed in the trash, It is a great way stretch your creative skill, and save you little patch of grass from one less item in the landfill.

I really love how this shrine came together! I covered a thread spool in one of the papers that came in the kit, added bits of lace trim. Fussy cut one of the butterflies to added to the center of the spool. I punched a circle to cover the top of the spool, added 1/2 of a chopstick, down the hole, added a dab of hot glue, and then cut a circle to cover the bottom. From there I created the card with bits and pieces from the kit, and then hot glued the card to the chopstick! Embellished with a few very small flat back pearls to finish it off. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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